Announcing Volume 27 of HHRJ

Announcing Volume 27 of HHRJ

The HHRJ staff is very excited to announce that Volume 27, Issue 1 has been published! Click below to read our articles and book note.


Reflections on the Question of When, if Ever, Violence Is Justified in Struggles for Political or Social Change
Susan H. Farbstein 

Considering Just-World Thinking in Counterterrorism Cases: Miscarriages of Justice in Northern Ireland
Marny A. Requa

Reconciling Socioeconomic Rights and Directive Principles with a Fundamental Law of Reason in Ghana and Nigeria
Atudiwe P. Atupare

Human Rights as a Larger Loyalty: The Evolution of Religious Freedom in Vietnam
John Gillespie

Grappling at the Grassroots: Access to Justice in India’s Lower Tier
Jayanth K. Krishnan, Shirish N. Kavadi, Azima Girach, Dhanaji Khupkar, Kalindi Kokal, Satyajeet Mazumdar, Nupur, Gayatri Panday, Aatreyee Sen, Aqseer Sodhi, & Bharati Takale Shukla

If a Constitution Is Easy to Amend, Can Judges Be Less Restrained? Rights, Social Change, and Proposition 8
Conor O’Mahony


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